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Congratulations on receiving your Imprint Kit!


Here is a brief step by step guide on how to take your impressions for your imprint jewellery. Please feel free to reach out via email or text with any questions or photos along the way.



Step 1: Remove one ball of wax from the clear containers at a time. Gently heat with a hairdryer until soft and malleable - similar consistency of blutak.


Step 2: Place the warmed ball of wax on the supplied greaseproof paper square and press firmly with the chosen finger. You can also create a double-sided imprint by pressing the wax between two fingers, or a finger and pets nose or partial paw print.


Imprint should be clear and detailed. It's important that you are happy with the shape and detail as this is exactly how it will look once cast in metal. You can heat and retake the imprints any number of times, just make sure to keep the waxes clean and dry.

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Step 3: Carefully repeat with each of the wax balls and place them back in the clear containers.

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Step 4: If you have a preference for your imprints, rank them 1 - 3 using the stickers provided.
If you would like any letters stamped on the back (up to 3 letters per pendant), be sure to write them on the stickers.

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Step 5: Place the wax imprints as well as the completed customer form back in the box and into the supplied express post satchel and drop to your nearest auspost mail box (no need to go to a post office).


Please allow up to 4 weeks for the creation of your jewellery.